UX Mockup

The Veil


Developed a wedding app that functions as a project management tool for those not only planning the wedding, but for vendors who need to communicate key information with the new bride/groom.

My Role:
UX Lead on user research, wireframe development & rapid prototyping

Project duration:
6 Months

Dynamic Features

Snapshot views of all vendors, budget, and more

Privacy & Security

User controls what is shared

100% Mobile Ready

Testing for various application sizes


Designed for all users in mind

Modern Solution

Cost effective solution to streamline wedding planning

Project Management

Wedding App designed as a project management solution


Our wedding planning app will let users plan their weddings with ease and organization which will affect both brides and vendors by allowing an intuitive project management system be shared between both parties. We will measure effectiveness by analyzing the number of app downloads and shares between users who are actively using the app. Following the bride’s wedding date, we would provide a survey to rate their experience for both the vendors and brides.


  1. Create a simplified project management tool that anyone can use
  2. Ensure the final product is ADA compliant and meets usability standards


Today’s bride is a working class, middle to low income partner who needs an intuitive project management app to assist in the wedding planning process without the wedding planner price because the cost of a planner and the wedding is out of range for the modern bride.

Wedding vendors, from bridal shop owners to photographers are a variety of business owners who need a new marketing and advertising strategy within the industry because competitor companies are too clunky and can negatively impact their business.


We investigated several DIY wedding planning tools on the market. All of the competitors researched would be in direct competition with our application. However, The Veil has a competitive edge by pulling in actual project management tools like tasks, calendar reminders, and the availability to communicate with vendors all in one place. This would also be a more cost-effective option for those planning a wedding.

From a vendor’s point of view, all of our competitors do not have a robust way of connecting vendors to their customers, nor the exposure to connect with other fellow vendors in the industry. In short, this is a huge marketing opportunity that has yet to be utilized in today’s wedding scape.

Primary Findings


Platforms are geared towards just brides or just a specific venue. Users need something that allows both parties to communicate


The cost of a wedding planner is not something accessible for today’s bride.


The amount of information is too overwhelming for a bride to navigate while working full time.

Meet The Users



Age: 27
Education: B.B.A Marketing
Location: Charlotte, NC
Family: Fiancee, lives with partner
Occupation: Freelance Marketing Consultant

Olivia is a budding young professional who is eager to start her new journey as fiancee. She has very little knowledge on what the wedding process entails and she is not in a position to hire a wedding planner. The Veil has helped her in planning her wedding with ease in a simplistic way.



Age: 45
Education: B.F.A in Fashion & Merchandising
Location: Reading, OH
Family: Husband & 12 year old daughter
Occupation: Bridal Boutique Owner

Rene is a successful bridal shop owner who is the leader in her local bridal district. She is known for having the most cutting edge and on-trend bridal dresses and creating a truly magical experience for new brides. The Veil Wedding app connects her to her new bride by providing additional services that streamlines communication.



After we identified our user’s pain points, investigated our competitors and determined how we can compete effectively in the wedding market, we developed our first draft of the user journey and our site map.


After several iterations of paper wireframes, we began to develop an digital wireframe. This was where most of our time was spent as we wanted to ensure the flow made sense for every user.

After creating our prototype from low fidelity wireframes, we conducted a 20 Minute unmoderated, remote usability test. Users were asked to perform tasks in a low-fidelity prototype and answer 10 questions throughout the test.

We asked 5 different participants to run through the application in hopes of garnering enough feedback to use for our next set of design iterations.



It was important that our app felt inclusive to all people. We went with a muted green color palette with muted alert colors such as red and coral. It was also crucial that we went with a font that was easy to read, especially for those who are visually impaired. As someone who struggles with vision issues, this was something that as an absolute must in app.

The logo was designed on a classic take of bridal font, using the V as a recognizable and flowy icon. The “The” continues to carry the lexend font, blending the elegant with modern.



Since building The Veil wedding app, I received a lot of positive feedback from friends and family in the industry. All of them felt that when this app is live, they want to be the first to know so they can start using this for their business and clients.


This project gave huge insight on how a design or iteration can ivolve. After researching the target audience, it was clear the need was more for the bride and less for the vendor as we originally suspected.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my project.